“Subliminal” means that you cannot consciously hear any suggestions. Just like hypnosis, Subliminal Messages secretly sneak past the conscious mind, and penetrate deep into the subconscious, where all fantasies and sexual impulses originate. Subliminal messaging is a method of sending commands directly into the subconscious mind, bypassing the more critical conscious. The subconscious mind quickly absorbs and acts on these commands.

Subliminal messaging is one of the most powerful tools you can use. The CIA has invested millions into subliminal messaging research starting in the 1950’s. Subliminal message’s are a highly effective method of influencing thought. Scientists have proven their effectiveness for many years.

Dr. BROSS has developed a series of subliminal audio CDs that deal exclusively with Female Sexual Seduction. Dr. Bross exclusive hypersonic subliminal messages are extremely effective because each message is directed at a very specific topic and addresses every possible reason that a woman might have for rejecting new sexual ideas. New sexual ideas will resurface as her very own.

My name is Dr. BROSS and for more than twenty years my research team and I have helped thousands of women with many sexual concerns. Please join the many thousands of men who have achieved success with this subliminal series.
Thank you,

Item Number 6498       $20.00
Secret Passions CD Can Make Women Desire You.
Subliminal Audio CD Used For Female Sexual Seduction.
While Listening to Music the Hidden Subliminal Messages
Sends Commands Into a Women's Subconscious Mind,
Influencing Her Desire To Make Love.

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Item Number 6542       $20.00
The subliminal messages are programmed for male enhancement.
The hidden subliminal messages in this audio CD are comprised of ultrasonic frequencies on a subconscious level.
The only thing your conscious mind will hear are musical tracks
mixed with environmental soundscapes.
Each hypersonic subliminal message is designed to enter your subconscious mind.

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Item Number 6504       $20.00
Programs Your Mind to Make You Irresistible.
While Listening to Music, the Hidden Subliminal Messages
Sends Commands into Your Subconscious Mind to
Achieve Confidence, Charm, And Sex Appeal.
Guarantees You Success with Any Woman.
Power Sex-Ess CD Attracts Women to You.

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Item Number 6559       $20.00
Programs your mind to help blood flow throughout your body into all your key areas to control your ejaculation.
Can work fast to give you a firmer erection by expanding the erectile tissues longer and wider.
Can create a larger supply of blood for longer lasting erections.
Can help you satisfy your partner with ever-lasting erections.
Improves your energy, sexual health and performance.

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